All articles in this issue include authors from 2 countries of origin (Indonesia and Slovakia).


Published: Jun 2, 2024

The Ability of Brand Trust as a Mediator on the Determinants of Customer Loyalty: Study on Mie Sagu Waraka (SAWA) in Ambon, Indonesia

1483-1493 Walter Tabelessy

The Relationship Between Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary and Musical Abilities in 5-6-year old Children in Kindergartens

1494-1505 Kristína Šebianová

Influence of Digital Literacy, Customer Intimacy, and Brand Image on Competitive Advantage

1506-1516 Muhammad Dairobi, Hastin Umi Anisah

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) Analysis for Teachers: A Case Study of Pancasila and Citizenship Education (PPKn) Teachers on Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Material

1517-1523 Aqshal Arlian Raya, Rima Vien Permata Hartanto, Rusnaini

Factors Contributing to Environmentally Friendly Business Practices in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) With a Focus on Process Performance and Resources: Study of Local Culinary SMEs in North Kuin Village, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

1524-1533 Hastin Umi Anisah, Wimby Wandary, Ariyani Wahyu Wijayanti

Analysis of the Educational Conditions of Two-Year-Old Children in Kindergartens in Slovakia: A Study from Teachers' Perspectives

1534-1542 Milena Lipnická

The Role of Open Innovation and Intellectual Capital on Business Sustainability: Study of Furniture MSMEs in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

1543-1552 Hamdani Arief, Hastin Umi Anisah

Analysis of the Effect of Work Environment and Workload on Work Quality with Work Motivation as an Intervening Variable: Study on Employees of Bank Mandiri KCP Sungai Danau Indonesia

1553-1561 Muhammad Rifqi Ridhanoor, Meiske Claudia